Daily Archive: September 4, 2013

News Jewelry Pink Opal

New Arrival Opal Earrings and Pendants

Pink Opal known also as… Opal of Peru Pink Opal Andean Opal Skin of an Angel A wonderful stone, the quality Extra First Choice selected by MaxGioie is evident in the uniformity of tone...

News Jewelry Amethyst

New Arrival Amethyst Earrings and Pendants

MaxGioie presents its new collection of earrings and pendants Amethyst Extra First choice quality, teardrop shape, with faceted or smooth surface. Amethyst – Exclusive MaxGioie Shop – click here

News Jewelry Amazonite

New Arrival Amazonite Earrings and Pendants

The “Stone of the Amazonia” in unique jewelry’s… MaxGioie has created a pendant and a pair of earrings shaped like a drop of rare beauty … in Amazonite 100% natural. ♡ Amazonite – Exclusive MaxGioie...