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News Jewelry Star Earrings Pearls Sapphire in Gold Plated Silver

Between Stars, Little Stars and Starfish fine jewelry

The Handmade jewelry don’t knows limits in the interpretation and implementation of unique jewelry the only limit is your imagination. Colors and shapes are embellished with precious components that generate unique products whose exclusivity...

News Jewelry White Coral Tone Light Pink Earrings

New Arrival White Coral Earrings

A new collection of earrings in White Coral quality Extra First Choice shades of color ranging from white milk to light pink, spherical shape, diameters ranging from 4mm to 12mm. The collection includes as type...

News Jewelry Turquoise Necklace

New Arrival Turquoise Necklaces

A new collection of necklaces, spherical shape, in Turquoise quality Extra First Choice – diameter ranging from 4mm to 14mm Exclusive MaxGioie Shop – click here

News Jewelry Striped Agate Necklace

New Arrival Striped Agate Necklaces

A new collection of Semiprecious with diameter greater than 14mm is in stock: Agate black and purple with special natural streak, shot round or faceted. Exclusive MaxGioie Shop – click here