Coral Certification through the DNA the last frontier

Corallium Rubrum
Corallium Rubrum

Let’s tell it… the Coral has activated a virtuous circle between Gemmologists and Biologists, which have put in the field of the techniques, to say the true amazing, to determine objectively the origin of the Coral used in jewellery.

In the meeting held on Wednesday 17 July 2019 at the Circolo Nautico in Torre del Greco with the presence of:

  • Vincenzo Liverino, Entrepreneur and President of the Coral Commission of CIBJO;
  • Loredana Prosperi, Manager of the Analysis Laboratory of I.G.I. – Istituto Gemmologico Italiano;
  • Anna Di Cosmo, Professor of Zoology at the Università Federico II di Napoli;
  • Vincenzo Aucella, President of the Assocoral.

They have exposed the techniques applicable to the Coral for the categorization based on instrumental surveys up to the DNA determination.

Don’t forget that the coral is an animal.

The 8 species of family corallidae. Second slide of the I.G.I. - Istituto Gemmologico Italiano - entitled "DNA Proof of the origin of coral"
The 8 species of family corallidae. Slide of the I.G.I. – Istituto Gemmologico Italiano – entitled “DNA Proof of the origin of coral”

Fields of application

Beyond to all the requests for analysis/expertise by auction houses or for the quantification of heritage in the case of succession mortis causa… there is a further request of market: the independent certification of the Coral. The news is that with the collaboration between IGI gemologists and biologists of the Università Federico II of Napoli finally it is developed a system based on objective tests, throughout an analytical work aimed to collect the data and to define the standardized processes finalized at the certification of our beloved jewel in Coral.

It is necessary to underline the fact that the certification of the coral is born now and it is the result of the work of the Italian professionals.

We often confuse the surface coral of coral reefs and jewelery coral, which is a deep coral, whose fishing in the seabed is sustainable. In nature there are more than 7300 corals, only 8 species are used in jewelry! Our Red Coral of the Mediterranean is not subject to commercial restrictions.

The certification represents a plus for the seller, at accompanying of the article in High Jewellery, which will certainly be appreciated by its buyer.

Anyway the quality report of the specialized seller is always valid, while the most economic range of the market at the moment is excluded for reasons of cost from the certification. The fact remains that it is currently being tested on a possible agreement of the sector to access more accessible certification levels.

The MaxGioie Company, with many years of experience in the divulgation of the Coral World, is pleased to inform its customers that it adheres to the Assocoral initiative allowing, on demand, to obtain independent certification of the Coral. You can buy coral at our shop

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