COVID-19 the protective solution, a travel between folklore and tradition

We are taking part of our time, because of COVID-19, to read and inform us about this very unpleasant foreign element called virus. The information passes us whirlwind, conveyed by many sources of information but, above all, the internet with its information and its alternative channels has exposed us to a quantity of data, stories, information etc. etc. also in contrast to each other. We watch at the TV from the virologist talking assuming conspiracies, to a politician who enters into medical matters and at doctors thar enter into political issues… meanwhile in the daytime the sirens of ambulances are heard run to hospitals, medical staff and paramedics are engaged in the front line to fight this virus, the stock exchange that goes down, companies and workers in difficulty.

The photography is not exactly beautiful to introduce a frivolous topic but it is very used in this period. There is a research into find something that may be effective or highly protective of the Corona Virus.

We observe an increase of the information requests related to the classic protection literature and in the field of application Coral Lucky Horn also called “corniciello“.

The questions are all about the same topic, guidelines on how to make effective a Lucky Coral Horn and its correct activation.

There are two fields of use:

  • PERSONAL LUCKY HORN. Which must be rigorously given as a present to be activated the “personal protection”.
  • POSITION HORN. Which should be used to protect places, for example: a car, a particular room in your apartment or in your company.


What happens if a Coral Horn is damaged? Warning you must never throw it away but you must add two new elements. One horn in balance compared to that horn has been damaged and the new horn as a further protective element. We are not here to dwell on things already written so we refer to the reading of the following posts:

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