How to distinguish Genuine Coral from Coral Bamboo

QUESTION:  How can you distinguish the True Coral from its imitations, and especially from Coral Bamboo or Bamboo simply?

ANSWER:  but why there is interest, fitful to say the least, to understand how to correctly distinguish the True Coral like a real expert in the field of jewelry would you do?

…so… certainly no one would dare ask the good old jeweler outside house [of estimated and honorable professional integrity] such a question would not make sense! But then why we rages so much to understand, compare, verify, browse etc etc?

For good or bad the market has changed, now a big part of the sales, even in the jewelry industry, has moved on the web, for which the buyer is more exposed to commercial stimuli more or less challenging [editor’s note, it looks like a game of words] no longer filtered by trusted seller… but here we are likely to get out off topic, the trust on the web is considered improperly by buyers in seeking SHOP ONLINE with fast delivery, fair price, discounts, jerky etc, etc…, there are not around consultant in sales and purchasing guidance [here the competitors may find ideas for marketing to compete with MaxGioie].

Summarize, here we are in the field of pure psychology, with the aim to brag about all purchases, with friends and family:

  • It is happened a great deal in the purchase of a product in coral at discounted price.
  • Impossible stories of merchants come from far away which they are disposed to monetize Coral jewelry at a good price.
  • Sellers with descriptions on the web “unclear”.
  • Sellers on the web with precise descriptions [here in this case the buyer does not have the knowledge to understand if he is buying the right jewel].


  1. The Red Coral of the Mediterranean Basin is a fairly expensive product whose trend is likely to increase more over time. For example, you can not buy a necklace in Coral with a few bill from € 50.00.
  2. Who buys, for example, a necklace made of bamboo in a conscious way, he knows to buy a beautiful product that is similar to the Mediterranean Red Coral although not the same thing, especially spending little money.
  3. Whom buys a jewel in coral paying a pittance believing he had purchased the real 100% Natural Red Coral in the Mediterranean … unfortunately we are faced a situations that we are not here to define.
Bamboo Coral

Bamboo Coral

We speak at this point of Coral Bamboo or Bamboo simply
The Bamboo Coral is a marine plant belonging to the family of coralloid, it has the appearance of bamboo (hence the name), white in color and is cut, worked, turned and polished as the Mediterranean coral. It is appropriate to define the Coral bamboo as a coralloid obviously a product of bamboo must be offered at a fair price because it is not true Coral, also it has to be painted to the desired color [red, pink, pale pink].

Proof of 9 for the “Bambascione” [Ingenuous person]
Really happened … who sells improperly and dedicate to placing a deal at unsuspecting buyer pulls out the testing of product, to convince him unaware prey to let go a little money, the test is to divide into two parts a bullet, this show that the product is natural red not colored … amazing work!
If a bullet of Coral Bamboo breaks, it is uniformly colored because the coralloid as the real Coral is made of calcium carbonate which is characterized by high porosity of the raw material, indeed to dye this type of product is very simple and by the excellent results.

We begin to distinguish the true from the Bamboo Red Coral.
You have to look very well the product also aided by magnification that favor the observation of the surface in order to flush out the damaged areas … Here you will see the color differences [color impregnated improperly].

Coral Bamboo, damaged surface - macro photo

Coral Bamboo, damaged surface – macro photo

Red Coral Bamboo Necklace - damaged surface detail

Red Coral Bamboo Necklace – damaged surface detail


The photo shows a necklace of natural red coral of the Mediterranean basin with a necklace coralloid Bamboo red color treated… at this point after the knowledge gained it is possible independently to distinguish between the two products.

But there are objective difficulties in distinguishing between the Genuine Coral and  Coral Bamboo to decrease the diameter or size of the component in Bamboo Coral.

In any case, you should buy from serious and trust traders.

Mediterranean 100% Natural Red Coral Necklace compared with Bamboo Coral red color treated Necklace

Mediterranean 100% Natural Red Coral Necklace compared with Bamboo Coral red color treated Necklace

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