New Arrival Natural Pearls Necklace length 2 meters and more

Looking for something unique… a pearl necklace… of course 100% natural (no plastic, composite pasties et simila) if then the requirement is refined and you look for something that allows you to knot the thread to create 2 or more lengths…

Well only MaxGioie can offer a set of pearl necklaces by length ranging from 44 cm up to 200 cm (two feet!)… and then if it is not enough… Ask MaxGioie will produce tailor-made for you the string of pearls on the length that you want.

  • Available length – 45cm
  • Available length – 60cm
  • Available length – 80cm
  • Available length – 100cm CHANEL
  • Available length – 150cm SUPER CHANEL
  • Available length – 200cm DOUBLE CHANEL
  • Available length – XXcm on request

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Pearl Necklace white TOP 7-7½mm L200 in Gold 18K

Pearl Necklace white TOP 7-7½mm L200 in Gold 18K

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