New Collections lucky big horns Red coral Neapolitan design in 18K Gold

Beautiful the new Collections of lucky Horns, from the Neapolitan design, in Red Coral of the Mediterranean, 100% natural, from the dark red color available for sale in the MaxGioie shop click here.

The red coral horns are unique and therefore are cataloged and photographed individually so you can make your choice between that you like it better. The Red Coral MaxGioie jewels are at the purchaser’s choice in yellow gold or white gold always 18 carat.

The price of coral depends on the weight and processing of the raw material. The accompanying cards will guide you to the lucky amulet suitable for you. In the embarrassment of the choice you can use our function compare products, where you can also confront the size of various jewels: small, medium, large and big.

YouTube video of the Red Coral Horns set10 collection

Photo Gallery set10 collection of the Red Coral Horns

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