New Collection Set 18 lucky horns small pendants Red Coral in 18K Gold

The very famous Lucky Cornets in 100% natural Red Coral from the natural extra red color are available for sale in the MaxGioie shop.

The size of the horn is small, in yellow gold. The pendants are the lucky amulets for excellence, a must-have for the superstitious and not only… for all those that want a beautiful jewel of red coral but also a trendy object of superior quality. The MaxGioie jewels are certified Made in Torre del Greco. This is a system of certification of jewelery or semi-finished products in coral or cameo made in Torre del Greco, which guarantees the truthfulness of the data entered. Each our jewel or semi-finished product has its own unique certificate number and a qr-code. MaxGioie is an official certifier accredited to the system. For more info on Red Coral Pendants click here

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