Red Coral Horn Corniciello Neapolitan Design

Red Coral Lucky Horn Neapolitan Design
Red Coral Lucky Horn Neapolitan Design

You’re going to read this article, to understand if a coral pendant called horn/corniciello can have protective functions beyond the aesthetic function and, you ask, what’s the neapolitan design of the lucky horn. Please refer also at others articles in the blog, here in particular we deepen some fundamental aspects of lucky coral horn that are often ignored by the majority of buyers.

Hierarchy of effectiveness

Which are the ineffective horns, that is all those products that aren’t considered lucky but, only normal jewels:

  • Metal horn also precious (Silver, Gold);
  • A Horn of any material that is not coral;
  • A Horn of Coral but not of full shape (mosaic segmented work);
  • A Coral Horn that have not been worked in Torre del Greco.

Considering that the horn must be full coral and worked by the masters of the Torre del Greco Naples, the question is whether it must be only red or it can be also pink or white. Answer: the horn is valid and effective even if the color is pink or white.

A special “amuletic” award is assigned to the red-pink/red speckled coral horn, on a white or rosé background, for more info click here

Neapolitan Design. What is it about?

The processing of the shape of the horn can be of two types: Traditional design and Neapolitan design. In the traditional design the upper part of the horn ends in a round shape while in the Neapolitan design it ends in a flat shape. More than any other word the attached photos are explanatory.

Visit the shop of MaxGioie the bigger bid of the Coral Horn in 18K Gold (red, pink and white) of all sizes: small, medium and large.

Tell us your experience, sharing it in the comments, about the beneficial effects of having a coral horn.

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