Rules to follow before to buy a Coral “Cornicello” or horn shaped talisman

There are precise rules for the purchase of cornet of Coral that must “necessarily” be observed, to have a coral horn is something unique and special.

Extra Red Coral Pendant horn in Gold 18K

Extra Red Coral Pendant horn in Gold 18K

Going back in time, we begin to find traces of coral in the 3400 BC, the populations, of that historic period, used small objects with the form of a horn to signal the presence of a house’s nucleus as well as for the defense, the protection and the fertility of those that were surrounded by the protective / propitiatory element (that is coral’s horn).

Greek mythology tells us that Zeus, the father of gods, was raised by nymphs in the Crete cave and was nursed by Goat Amaltea. One day while riding his nurse, he broke a horn, a young nymph, Melissa had pity on the goat and cared for the wound. Zeus to thank the nymph for goat care, took the broken horn, inside it was empty and filled it with flowers and fruit, giving it to Melissa and promising that this miraculous horn would come out of everything that his possessor wish. This is the myth of the horn of Abundance or “Cornucopia”, a symbol of fertility of the earth.

It’s not true… but I believe it!

Let’s jump from mythology to the use of lucky amulets, rites and talismans. The literature is full of references to the Parthenopean “pazziariello” masterfully interpreted by the great Antonio De Curtis in the art Totò.

Attention… Army…
the boss has gone mad…
He is a good person…
He is the owner of a substance paste…
when you have eaten it…
you will fill your intestines and belly …

What you need to know

  • The little horn must be compulsory “Parthenopeo”, any other kind of corn will only be a useless ornament!
  • It has to be handmade by the Coral Master of “Tower of the Greek”, otherwise it does not charge the protective force of amulet.
  • It must be a horn with a tip like an arrow to have the properties of protection, shield, removal of negative influences and malignancy.
  • It must be red because it means victory over the enemies, luck and good wish … a separate speech applies to the horn with red spots (this we see later).
  • Equally the other colors of coral, from pink to white, are valid. Collecting all pigments increases and strengthens the power of the little horn possessed.

Rules for those who buy the horn coral

  • The horn should be donated can not be bought for themselves… clearly the protective force must be donated and not bought.
  • Horn also protects places: apartment, car, business. 80% of small horns are normally not worn but placed in very precise points…
  • The little horn is put in the wallet… very good mini horns lucky.
  • Generally one or more horns are good… personal protection, environmental protection and then finally something to wear!

Extra pink coral pendant horn with red spots

A separate speech must be made on the horn with red spots, the legend says that the coral horn has a greater force and it works and has worked against the evil eye … it has fought against negative influences and lost a bit of red color just because it has driven away the negative influences. The red and pink pair offer maximum protection!

Extra Pink Coral Pendant horn in Gold 18K

Extra Pink Coral Pendant horn in Gold 18K

Below a series of beautiful video by YouTube about the red and pink coral lucky horn worked at Torre del Greco.

In the MaxGioie shop click here – you can find a vast assortment of horns in pure coral 100% natural worked by Masters Artisan of Torre del Greco. Good shopping! 😉






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  1. Patricia Pedicelli says:

    My husband was born in Italy
    When he was just a baby his mother put the kor’netto on him.
    He wore it with much pride. My mother passed away in Las Vegas Nv. We went to mommas funeral, my husband took his kor’netto off and hung it on the mirror of the truck…
    The truck was robbed and his kor’netto was stolen…I want to get him one, it was red with gold I want to have it blessed … please help me do this right for my husband…

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