Sciacca Coral the red coral with a beautiful tone for unique jewels

The jewelry in Coral does not know stasis phases internationally. Jewels such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, jewels and components for a mix of refined warehouse do not know, neither market crises, nor even periods of decline. As always repeatedly indicated the Coral represents an investment, in the same way as other sectors such as paintings, sculptures, etc. This article assumes that the reader knows the coral sector and he arrives at a more advanced research of market niches where to invest in a single product.
I will not dwell on the history of the Coral of Sciacca, at this regard you can find more information on Wikipedia clicking on the following link Red Coral (Corallium Rubrum). I say just that the coral reefs are finished!
We make some considerations:

  1. Sciacca Coral is very difficult to find, new productions are rare compared to little raw materials stored over the years.
  2. Jewels in Sciacca Coral are essentially ancient products. An hypothesis is that raw materials have been stored for years but the manufacturing has been carried out in recent periods.
  3. The Sciacca Coral has a very particular color very close to the salmon. It is born right in the place (Sciacca) that has the characteristics of temperature/currents depth that led to the reproduction of the classic coral of the Mediterranean Basin (usually red) with a very special and unique tone

MaxGioie recommends, for years, to invest in Jewelry in Coral of Torre del Greco as well as in Sciacca Coral.

What is the typical buyer of the jewel in Coral Sciacca

He is passionate about Jewelery, in 95% of cases he is already in possession of Jewelery in Coral (essentially red of the Mediterranean) and alongside an initial choice add also a precious piece of Coral. It is aware that Corallo represents an investment therefore it will add to its collection a product that is unique. He is aware that it is not easy to find a jewel in Coral and that he can only trust professionals in the sector.

A bit of History

Originally the Coral Masters of Torre del Greco considered the Coral of Sciacca a coral of lesser value because of its color not intense compared to the Coral Rubrum. Clearly at the beginning the market abounded in raw materials, creating an inflation effect. The Sciacca Coral conquered a podium among the élite Corals between the eleventh and twentieth centuries.

In dialect it was said: “corall scagnato” (faded coral)
typical color of the Sciacca Coral that nature has made unique.

Do I find Sciacca coral for sale on the Internet? And above all, can you trust it?

Let’s do a search on Google with the keywords: Coral of Sciacca, Sciacca Coral, Jewels in Sciacca Coral, Necklace Sciacca, Earrings Sciacca, Pendants Sciacca, what are the search results? A shrewd user notices that something is wrong, the web pages do not display the “sciacca coral” but the results seem misleading to induce at the sale or to confuse the user.

  • The Coral of Sciacca costs;
  • You do not believe in making a deal;
  • You suspect of low prices;
  • You trust only professionals of the field;
  • Coral of Sciacca is a prerogative of the Coral that must be clearly indicated. The consumer don’t must buy salmon-colored natural coral sold as Sciacca Coral.

The dilemma of the seller: Store or disperse
Those who have jewels of Sciacca guard them jealously, as well as collect raw elements. MaxGioie has the pleasure of offering its customers, a exceptional price, a beautiful necklace of Sciacca Coral click here.
The images of the lot and of the single necklace are showed below.

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