Shopping Guide – Red Coral Earrings: bids, ads, orientation, quality, doubts, wrong choices [first part]

Red Coral Earrings Hits – Vademecum purchase of your jewels in Red Coral

You’d like buy a cute pair of Earrings in red Coral and you do not know of what point to start and what to choose … especially you’re afraid to make a careless purchase or you worry that you will not like the bought jewelery and you will put its in the casket of your oblivion …!

Five questions/answers before to shop

  1. Among the many proposals of purchase which to choose?
  2. The product is truly natural o is it a fake?
  3. What is the right price?
  4. Can I trust?
  5. Almost there … then buy or not?

Among the many proposals of purchase which to choose?

We start from the research on an classic search engine … in this case we can say the name that is google and see what it offer us:

Keyword “Red Coral Earrings” 119,000 results, GULP!
We skip sponsored ads that pay for a keyword to higher levels, but they do not have the product that we seek, and I repeat that is “coral red earrings”, the statement seems little exhaustive, it deserves more attention …

At the top of the list an advertisement (published) a leading international shop (very horsewoman) click on the link and magically the search key is no longer “coral red earrings” but becomes “red earrings” then we have nothing of what we were searching for as the first results of the request

  • ….Elements Crystal red/white, 18k gold plated earrings … [it is not that we seek]
  • …Pair of small earrings, with pin, sterling silver to shape of red heart…. [it is not that we seek]

In second place a superlative international designer (you remember the famous film breakfast …) “discover our exclusive earrings …. etc etc “click beautiful products, but there is no trace even with the telescope of the coral.

Oh here the announcement “Red Coral Earrings Specials! Saving is easy with … “here … I found the earrings but… through the advertisements is suggested “Swimsuit Sevillian woman XL” beautiful to wear at the ears;-)

Other advert (always those sponsored) “Coral Turquoise Earrings Choose from Thousands of Products: Buy and Sell in Total Security.” Sounds new coral turquoise … but here takes us to the famous online auction site but what it combines … in stock there are serious proposals for earrings red coral but … but … but … the purchase proposals are far from what we ask.

Immediately after there are those aggregators “choose from thousands of products”, “buy now and save”, “find the lowest prices” the neural system of the search engine also offers us a nice cotton pullover red coral … BLOB

Last minute news seems that GOOGLE is beginning to make changes to the search engine that will merge the organic results with those sponsored … will be more difficult to find what we’re looking for?

Therefore if we select the sponsored link  does not lead to the object we are looking for. Also in most sessions of research, carried out by experts in the sector and that have knowledge of the facts, are not achieved the expected results (also aimed at marketing, analysis of competition, etc. etc.).

Organic results are those more relevant than what the hypothetical and potential customer wants (personal suggestion perhaps not impartial because MaxGioie is on the front page in the searches) … say that here you can reason, you have a wider range of information also if the user is lazy and does not go beyond the first page at most the next two. Who is positioned in the opening pages is a leader site which has a solid foundation for targeted search compared to what we want … But can you trust? Are there hoaxes around? ….

This is a first part of a broader discussion … just follow the publications on the blog MaxGioie the goal is to give a interpretation to frequently asked questions such product is truly natural or is it a hoax? – What is the right price? – Can I trust? – Almost there … then buy or not?

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