Shopping Guide – Red Coral Earrings: bids, ads, orientation, quality, doubts, wrong choices [second part]

Red Coral Earrings Tips – Handbook purchase of your jewel in Red Coral [Part Two]

This article is the second part of a discourse already started in the previous publication click here. Googling by our beloved search engine and edit the same old keyword of our interests “Red Coral Earrings” … [stop stop the world, attention! Oh, my God! but I had not noticed before … but … but …] our best friend shows up on the menu, after the search box, a word that “might” be useful “Shopping”.

What is Google Shopping?…Can I consider it a comprehensive and definitive research?

Google Shopping is a further promotional formula. Those interested can sponsor their products and pay for every click made on google proposal. They are shown in sponsored research. But the result is not exhaustive because small and medium sized enterprises that invest in this business method, are few. We find at the moment only the most famous site of auctions that systematically publishes announcements (perhaps have trade agreements advantageous for reasonable cost per click).


  • The research is not representative of the actual range of offers
  • The data are almost monopolized by the famous online auction site

Meditation: well if I search with an anonymous mode browser does not show me the same results .. there is a filter that is based probably on geolocation of the user.

But Mrs. Rossi should not to be discourage and to buy impulsively because she is likely to commit some error of judgment.

Actually you should at least check all the links in the first five pages of our dear search engine eliminating the aggregates and hoping to find some “serious” shop… that deal professionally the coral.

Checked all the links in the first five pages of search, excluding the various derivatives resulting from free insertions, you will see big names, coral roses at high prices, jewels very beautiful, jaws… Noooo an aggregator that say “earrings … summer present authentic coral made in Tower of Greek, red coral bamboo…..”

I remember the words of a famous song of “Rich and Poor” that fits perfectly “that confusion will be because…” I can add the word Tower of the Greek and suddenly and magically we raise to the dignity upper coralloid colored red the bamboo. For those which have lost the guides recommend to read How to distinguish Genuine Coral from Coral Bamboo and also FAQ True Coral and imitations [Pasta Coral, Coral grains]

From the Amazon a “indecent” proposal… stay away, nothing to say, its may be pretty earrings .. oh! (another link to another domain) the famous granules that are produced by a well-known brand… at the reader the conclusions.

NOTE – we often receive requests for qualitative and economic assessment of jewels, you should know that any evaluation is not done by a simple image, the same necessarily must be certified in the form of Expertise.

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