New Collection Big Lucky Cornet in Gold 18K exclusive by MaxGioie!

The very famous Lucky Cornets with Neapolitan design in 100% natural Red Coral from the natural extra red color are available for sale in the MaxGioie shop.

The size of the horn is big, hook in yellow or white gold (on request). Its are the lucky amulets par excellence a must-have for the superstitious and not only… for all those that want a beautiful jewel of red coral but also a trendy object of superior quality. For more info on Red Coral Pendants click here

Set 7 Red Coral Pendant Extra large Neapolitan design cornet in 18K Gold

7 Extra Red Coral Pendants neapolitan design cornet in 18K Gold



The True Coral and its imitations [Paste of Coral, Coral Granules, Artificial Corals, Synthetic Coral]

Must be said that there is much confusion, disorientation for the buyer and… In the market there are renowned brands which combine raw materials, of synthesis, with fine materials such as gold, but what is it…? Let’s clear the jams of synthesis, artificial/chemical, the field of True Coral 100% Natural and do some cute reflection : Why …