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TakeRole logo
TakeRole logo

TakeRole is renewed. For those who do not know TakeRole is a brand of MaxGioie Italian jewelry. For over 10 years MaxGioie has been selling handmade products from the Coral of Torre del Greco, pearls, semiprecious and precious.

Customers all over the world appreciate our jewelry but not only. Thanks to our articles published on the blog show our readers all the details that are known only in restricted area of the experts.

Join our customers https://www.maxgioie.com/shop/


Q – Where can you buy the jewels you see in Takerole’s blog?
A – The only official site is that of MaxGioie click here

Q – Do I find products with description in English?
A – Yes

Q – Coral products have inviting prices, why?
A – MaxGioie selects the best products at the source. MaxGioie is a company in Torre del Greco, where Corallo works. Prices are very low as there are no commercial intermediaries.

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