The True Coral and its imitations [Paste of Coral, Coral Granules, Artificial Corals, Synthetic Coral]

Must be said that there is much confusion, disorientation for the buyer and… In the market there are renowned brands which combine raw materials, of synthesis, with fine materials such as gold, but what is it…?

Let’s clear the jams of synthesis, artificial/chemical, the field of True Coral 100% Natural and do some cute reflection :

  • Why ever you must destroy the wonder of nature such as coral to break it into powder and then reassemble all to create new coral?
  • But this mixture has a more uniform tone (red, pink, white, black) nothing short of perfect.
  • Granules, coral paste, etc. agglomeration. Why ever not indicated a clear and simple indication “Coral”?
  • The Pasta of Coral is a synthetic product that has no relation with the True Coral... aesthetically nothing to complain but in practice you are buying a product of jewelry which costs should be proportionate to its intrinsic value, but…

EYE – sometimes the products in paste of coral cost even more of true coral, this also because the Luxury Brand has its own added value!

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