Turquoise, Compose Turquoise, Stabilized Turquoise

Turquoise, paste of Turquoise, Turquoise dell’Arizone, Howlite… the Turquoise what a mess!

  • Q – The paste of Turquoise is a product of quality jewelry?
    A – YES – in any case we must distinguish between the paste of Turquoise Extra Quality used in jewelry and pasta of Turquoise quality trinket. The paste of Turquoise used in jewelry, it is a quality product sold by the gram whose processing is the same in turning and polishing used for valuable raw materials, and the advantage of paste of Turquoise is in the best workability which seem difficult or impossible for the natural turquoise.
  • Q – How to distinguish the paste of Turquoise of quality of that of “trinket”?
    A – Certainly of the price and the type of termination [Gold].
  • Q – How to distinguish the real Turquoise of the very similar products?
    A – It is not possible to write a vademecum for discriminating the true turquoise from its imitations… for example originally Howlite  color is white, looks like the turquoise of Arizona with the typical dark tones in the stone, of course the price of Howlite is considerably cheaper.
  • Q – Turquoise stabilized what are the differences of Turquoise?
    A – The Natural Turquoise is allergic to sunlight… the jewels in true turquoise should be worn at night absolutely since it is likely to fade [someone calls them jewels of the Vampires!]. The solution to avoid the problems described is to soak the resin of turquoise so as to be immune therefore Stabilized Turquoise.

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