What is the position Coral horn, read the article

Reading this article assumes that you already know the story of the pendant of coral (lucky amulet) also called “Corniciello of Coral”… so what are we going to talk about this time?

What is the position of Coral Horn? How to use? How should it be positioned?

The position horn is a real coral amulet (red, pink or white) no matter the type of color or the type of termination (gold or silver) … it is an object that is not wearable but it is positioned in the point or in the area where you want to get protective benefits.

Red Coral Pendant small horn neapolitan design in 925 Sterling Silver

Let’s go to see some example to understand its use:

NEW CAR – generally to be protected a big horn pendant is placed in the drawer inside the car’s documentation.

COMMERCIAL EXERCISE – generally it is placed near the cash point but also in more points to protect the activity. Often our Neapolitan chefs keep their horns (more than one) in their bag of the knives.

HOME SECURITY – here you can indulge, I don’t add anything.

Often the customers ask us which type of coral horn to buy to run correctly the protective role of position… even in this case there are no limits but… an eye on the wallet. You aim at smaller sized horn warning the protection is lower, perhaps more small horns have greater protection than a larger one.

All this opens up a new discussion on the protective capacity of the lucky horn…. but this topic is to be postponed to a close examination.

So to buy a coral horn, of course from MaxGioie click here, then describe us your experiences… and beware of imitations… at the next articles!

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